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Death to all Triumph Adlers?

Another build with caps scavenged from a Triumph Adler Gabriele 9009, this time by u/orpheo_1452.
Published February 9, 2022
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Typewriter freaks, brace yourselves. This seems to be a trend now.

After Strange-Lab5541's split dubbed fisk was published last week, here is another build utilizing these gorgeous MX compatible caps scavenged from the Triumph Adler Gabriele 9009 electric typewriter.

Triumph Adler doubleshots in a 60% rosewood case – plus numpad.

While the original typewriter sports a pretty exotic layout, thus not truly ISO, it was possible to cover an ISO board – with two sets...

Somewhere outside a vintage typewriter enthusiast sinks down on his knees and begins to cry silently.

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Published on Wed 9th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #65 (source).


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