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Dell AT101W NOS

TerraElaya found this gorgeous Dell AT101W at a thrift store for $3.

This new old stock Dell features black Alps. How do they feel?

Heavenly. Black Alps are far from the best Alps around but for my money still better than any MX-style tactile switch if you get them NOS, and with a simple modification they become 10/10 linears – TheGodmonster.

Yeah, linearized, they feel surprisingly nice... otherwise I find late black Alps to be dreadful, like when some people complain about MX Brown feeling as if there was sand inside, in my experience that actually describes the late black Alps' weird bump combined with the Alps' inherent bump at the bottom (so even linearized they're not entirely linear) – Schemik.

Published on Sun 5th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


Monterey MK-9500

This Monterey MK-9500 posted by purpsoli is a double purpose keyboard (piano keyboard on the back) with white Alps.

Custom Contron

The daily driver of mkayultuh is a custom Contron rugged keyboard.


Reuters tear-down

A detailed write-up by dovenyi on the Reuters trading keyboard.


TeleVideo terminal keyboard

FoxGaming spotted this vintage TeleVideo terminal keyboard with NMB Yellow Space Invader switches.