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Deskthority for sale

10 years after starting the project, webwit decided to put Deskthority up for sale (source and details).
Published February 27, 2021
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According to the announcement, Deskthority was founded in January 2011, but the last couple of years owner webwit found himself no longer putting in the desired effort he'd expect.

So he and administrator matt3o are looking for a good new owner, but are not desperate to sell to less respected parties.

If no good new owner is found or if no reasonably price close to market value is offered, probably nothing will happen.

The new owner is expected to be a good custodian of the forum and the open source wiki. There's a lot of content in both which has been provided for enthusiasts by volunteers, and webwit expects the new owner to understand this geek culture.

In case you're interested PM webwit and matt3o with your questions or offers!

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Published on Sat 27th Feb 2021. Featured in KBD #15 (source).