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Joshua Broekhuijsen's Dichotomy is a mouse-keyboard hybrid.
Published July 18, 2022

Another older project popping up in Hackaday's Odd inputs competition: Dichotomy by Joshua Broekhuijsen.

It was published in 2017-2018(!) – I worked on my very first handwired split during the same time and used the exact same blank DSAs as the cheapest option: $2-3/20pcs. :D

According to Elliot Williams's laudation:

Dichotomy takes the two standards of the desktop, mouse and keyboard, and fuses them together so that you don’t have to move your hand off to the side all the darn time. Nice.

Joshua was inspired by the Mitosis, but opted to try to shove an optical sensor into the split keyboard.

Video demonstration:

He originally did a detailed photolog on Imgur, but decided to move stuff over to Hackaday to enter an earlier Human Interface challenge.

There was an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign too:

Well, the kickstarter - rather obviously - did not meet the goal. Oh, well. I'm still moving forward in a much smaller way with this - I use my prototype at work daily, and I'm going to run a small group buy for anybody still interested in owning one – Joshua.

Anyways, no files but browse through the photos for inspiration and some good ideas.

Published on Mon 18th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #87 (source).

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