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DigDug is weteor's latest model in the Orthocade family: with some exploded key groups.
Published February 4, 2023
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The latest model published as part of weteor's Orthocade family is the DigDug – following the nomenclature based on classic video games. It is another ortholinear keyboard with even more offset clusters, and 43-45 keys.

Just going with the 12u and see where I can get with it. I am used to 3x5 layouts and just wanted to add some makro keys and arrow keys without loosing the symmetry of ortho boards. Just from the looks my absolute favourite. – weteor.


  • 43-45 MX switches
  • hotswap
  • Seeed Xiao controller (RP2040 or BLE) on an Orthocade MCU board
  • ZMK (Xiao BLE) or QMK w/vial (Xiao RP2040) support
  • Multiple bottom row arrangements supported
  • Resin with acrylic inlay case design


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Published on Sat 4th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #113.


Brk Out

Weteor's Brk Out is a 38-key orthogonal keyboard with split alphas and offset space.


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Fujifilm Frontier negative scanner

Ortho board on a Fujifilm Frontier negative scanner. Spotted by Benjaminfjer.

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