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Dilemma keyboard

u/Fmcraft published his Dilemma – a 5x3+2 split keyboard with trackpad.
Published July 24, 2022

Quentin aka Fmcraft introduced his Dilemma, an open-source, flippable split PCB with a trackpad and case in two versions: both with integrated controller or for development boards.

Hey everyone! I'm very happy to present the Dilemma - a 5x3+2 keyboard with a trackpad. As usual, it's 100% open source – Fmcraft.


  • Heavy pinky stagger
  • MX and choc compatible
  • Reversible PCB
  • KB2040 / Elite-Pi (still in development) / Splinky / Nice!Nano compatible
  • Tenting puck footprint
  • 2 versions: dilemma (for DIY that requires an additional MCU) and dilemma_assembled with integrated MCU

According to the designer, the Dilemma is made for RP2040, so if you go with the DIY version, you should source your MCU board accordingly.


GitHub repo:


Published on Sun 24th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #88 (source).

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