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Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by u/dj_edit.
Published August 30, 2022
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Ming-Gih Lam aka dj_edit/dcpedit published his cute Dissatisfaction30, a tiny 30% keyboard or a relatively huge macropad – as you please.

Since I don't think I can legally call this a keyboard, I'm just gonna introduce my latest project as a macro pad – dj_edit.

After his previous projects like the Red Herring and µ10 keyboard, dj_edit came up with another classy design.

Taking design cues from the Sat75, the Dissatisfaction was originally intended to be a display piece, however, it also happens to be functional with a rotary encoder, OLED screen, and Vial firmware.

The author also took the opportunity to experiment with the case design, making it a tray mount with hidden screws.

The goal was to hide the case screws by using adhesive to secure the top 2 layers.


GitHub repo:

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Published on Tue 30th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #93 (source).


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