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Dolch luggable

A Dolch luggable posted by bakedbeens11.
Published July 18, 2021
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I love those Dolch luggables. I bought one from eBay to console myself when the lockdown first began, so very long ago. Was disappointed to find that it had cherry ML switches, which feel absolutely terrible and are sticky af. But it still looks gorgeous so it has that going for it – ChetJettison.

This one features "vintage" Cherry MX blues though.

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Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).


Datadesk LittleFingers

After buying a Datadesk LittleFingers LF-2100 keyboard, u/FansForFlorida posted an informative gallery.


Sharktastica posted an IBM CANPOS (Compact Alphanumeric Point Of Sale) keyboard with a pointing stick.

Devlin spotted

A Devlin Electronics keyboard with tons of keys found by beez_y.

IBM 3178 C1 mod

An IBM 3178 C1 USB Chungus edition ft. Solenoid by drake9800.

Grass Valley Sabre Edit

This is a Sabre Edit video editor by Grass Valley Group. Posted by u/iaakki.

Teletype Model 33

The Teletype Model 33, an electromechanical teleprinter from the '60s with actual cylinders as its keys.