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A 3D printed Dolch Planck keyboard by sohke with PCB and STLs: Dolothy.
Published April 2, 2023
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After publishing the DOLCHpad, sohke shared a Planck-sized ortholinear keyboard in a 3D printed case made in a similar fashion – Dolothy.

I'm still not used to spray painting, and I'm not completely satisfied with it, but I finished building it anyway. It's an SLA 3D printed Dolch Planck board, and I named it Dolothy – sohke3.

The Dolothy40 or G80-1813 mini according to the author's other references was inspired by the Cherry G80-1813 – originally with 1800 layout. As in the case of these vintage Dolch keyboards, part of the luggable Dolch PAC PCs manufactured in the mid 1990s, sohke put the controller (RP2040-Zero) above the keys rather than on the main PCB area.


  • ortho Planck layout (12x4)
  • 43-48 keys (e.g. with 6u spacebar, 2x2u spacebars, etc.)
  • RP2040-Zero controller
  • 3D printed case


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Published on Sun 2nd Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #118 (source).



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