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Doom keycap

Brostafarian open sourced the keycap that plays Doom.
Published January 26, 2024
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Inspired by comments to his old business card post asking if it could run Doom, Bob aka Brostafarian/rsheldiii created something even better: Doom running entirely on a keycap.

The backstory: Graham Sanderson made a fantastic Doom port as part of the promo for the RP2040 microcontroller that worked with DVI out; I modified his code to use generic SPI / I2C displays and then built a custom PCB around it. The result is fully functional (minus a couple bugs) with keyboard support and even audio! The code is open source and has a variety of targets and the PCB itself supports two different screens – Bob.

The project made some rounds last summer, and now the hardware repository is also available if you'd like to build one yourself.

I made a keycap that runs Doom!


KiCad files and STLs available in the repo, the code was published earlier:

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Published on Fri 26th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152 (source).


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