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Dorner PDS 320

Dorner Electronic's PDS 320 was a fancy concrete mixing hardware with an impressive keyboard layout. Posted by u/Zerfallsgesetz.
Published January 20, 2022

The Austrian company Dorner Electronic has been around in the construction material industry for almost 60 years.

Even though much has changed over the last 50 years: our passion for concrete remains – Dorner.

While they are mainly into software development nowadays, Dorner sold dosing computers from 1972 (PDS8 and PDS80), built around the first microprocessors available from Intel.

According to their website the PDS320 (in the picture) appeared in 1992. To say the truth, based strictly on the photo, I would have dated this to the first half of the '80s – were it not for the color displays.

The PDS320 is a specialized control unit for cement (or other material) mixing facilities at large-scale construction sites.

Btw, the Dorner PDS320 was the last in-house built hardware offered by Dorner. In 1998 they announced the first PC - and Windows-based control with the PDS NT.

Click this link for a larger image – originally posted by Zerfallsgesetz.

And if you liked this, check the Aesthedes 2 too – another monster with a similarly generous keyboard layout.

Published on Thu 20th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #62 (source).

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