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Dragon keyboard

Dragon keyboard by ManufacturedAcumen.

More pics:

Wireless semi-handwired (with Amoebas).

Wanted to try the Amoeba PCB, but it was probably more work than a normal hand wire. The metallic red PLA looks far more impressive in real life than in the pictures.

Published on Fri 9th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).


Sweep keyboards

[x|Sweep] is a family of Ferris-derivatives featuring daughterboards instead of onboard controllers.


Lotus58 - a Lily58 derivative

The Lotus58 is an open source Lily58 derivative with hotswap and encoder by Tweetydabirdie.


ScyllaBallz - a tractyl Manuform by tenstaana with OLEDs, roller encoders, audio, and per key RGB.


Open body enigma36

A new enigma36 by sadekbaroudi, this time an open body version.


Hexagonal split ergo keyboard

This hexagonal split ergo by HellIsBurnin comes with in-depth documentation and a teaser.

Wireless Sofle

A fully wireless and hotswap Sofle by keebsandcables.