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Dragon keyboard

Dragon keyboard by ManufacturedAcumen.
Published July 9, 2021

More pics:

Wireless semi-handwired (with Amoebas).

Wanted to try the Amoeba PCB, but it was probably more work than a normal hand wire. The metallic red PLA looks far more impressive in real life than in the pictures.

Published on Fri 9th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).

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40% Fulcrum

A new 40-key version of the Fulcrum – by ghostfaceschiller.

Gneiss01 keyboard

Gneiss01 is an interesting keyboard project by LeverMind2112 – involving clay, 3D scanning and printing.

Grabbity Gloves

Introducing the Grabbity Gloves by loopsbellart.

Atreyu Rev2 MX

Jesus Climent shared the MX version of his Atreyu Rev2.

Aloidia v1

Designed by ItsBluu, the Aloidia v1 is a wireless solar split keyboard with lots of hotswap components.

Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.