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A 7x26 ortholinear keyboard: Dreadnoughtus by TehArks.
Published January 12, 2023

Kristofer Koehn aka TehArks shared his 7x26 ortho inspired by the FU!Keyboard:

One of the first 7x26 ortholinear keyboards! Inspired by the FU!Keyboard by ILWrites. [...] I did my best to make it as silly as possible. I have a 4x12 ortho and while using it I thought: wouldn't it be cool to have like four of these glued together? – TehArks

Sporting an Elite Pi development board and making use of the improved square matrix with w0lfwood's trick to allow low-power mode.


  • 7x26 ortholinear layout
  • Custom PCB through JLCPCB
  • Low Power Improved Square Matrix
  • Custom brass plates from
  • Elite PI microcontroller
  • 1x DSA Milkshake Weirds, 4x DSA Milkshake fruits
  • C³EQUALZ X TKC Dragon Fruit Switches
  • OLED screen with bongo cat
  • dinosaur silk screen art


Published on Thu 12th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).

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