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EC12 encoder knob

Oak Ninja published a 3D printed EC12 encoder knob with skirt.
Published October 11, 2023
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This EC12 rotary encoder knob by Oak Ninja, covering the encoder base, is perfect for low-profile encoders with D-shaft. It fits encoders like EC12E1220301 and EC12E2440.

It was really hard to find a nice EC12 encoder knob so I decided to design my own, and I’ve finally settled with a design that I’m happy with – OakNinja.

The knob is compatible with MX-spaced Choc switches but the author thinks it may work fine with Choc spaced switches as well.

Pic: EC12 encoder knob and custom MBK caps by FK custom

EC12 encoder knob and custom MBK caps by FK custom

The keycaps in the photo above are MBKs, a custom set from FKcaps ← save 15% with this (affiliate) link.


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Published on Wed 11th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #139 (source).


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