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EVEN44 is a split keyboard by u/fmash16 – 3D printed, handwired, 3x6+4 keys with an encoder.
Published April 20, 2022
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The EVEN44 is a handwired split 40% keyboard built from scratch. The design is based on Alex Tulloh's (aka atulloh) Oddball and fmash16 took the OpenSCAD design as a base and modified it to meet his needs, taking inspiration from boards like the Kyria and Lily58 Pro.


So taking the base design of the Oddball, the following major edits were made:

  • more aggressive column stagger à la Kyria
  • 4 mod keys on the bottom row (with both CTRL and ALT)
  • Rotary encoder as volume control knob/scrolling with layering

I got the design 3D printed (30% infill). I spray painted the case vespa white using 2 layer primer, 3 layers of paint, and 2 layers of clear coat to finish it, lots of sanding in between.

The design files and QMK firmware can be found on Github:


  • Switches: Akko Jelly Black
  • Keycaps: Yong-qiu WOB keycaps
  • Plate: PLA+ (3d printed, 70% infill)
  • Cables: DIY kits from Zapcables

The keyboard is handwired. This is my first try at handwiring a keyboard, so while the final work might not be perfect, it works somehow. I used two Pro Micros as the controllers on each half – fmash16.
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Published on Wed 20th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #75 (source).


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