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Elecrow MK promotion

There's a special promotion for mechanical keyboard makers going on at Elecrow. Check it out for 50% discounts and even $1 plates.
Published November 18, 2022
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 120K readers.

Elecrow reached out to me asking if I could share their mechanical keyboard special promotion.

Sure, it looks promising, however, the details displayed on the landing page were quite confusing initially. I was told the specs will be clarified later, and I can already see them being updated, so what I write below may refer to a previous state.

The gist is, at least as of my understanding: you get a 50% discount even in the worst case scenario.

In addition, if your design checks some boxes, you may end up with:

  • free PCB assembly (≤50 pcs)
  • $1 acrylic plate (≤10 pcs, <1515cm, 2-3mm thickness, transparent material)
  • $1 3D printing (≤10g, <5 pcs)

As you can see, this may work for split plates, but even larger plates are eligible for the 50% discount.


This promotion will be available from Nov 17 to Dec 17, 2022.

From the landing page:

It's Elecrow's special promotion for mechanical keyboards. You will enjoy big discounts like free PCB assembly service, $1 for 3D printing mechanical keyboard cases and acrylic laser cutting service. Make your mechanical keyboards at much lower cost at Elecrow!

How to apply

These discounts are not automatic. You have to apply for them. As Nicole told me:

For DIY mechanical keyboard projects, customers need to send their files to our project department (email address: pcb at for manual review and inquiry. After the review, my colleague will provide specific links for customers to place orders.

Don't forget to reference in your application! ;)

And if you register via this affiliate link, I may earn some points.

Another $50

If you place a mechanical keyboard related order, the Elecrow project department will record a video of the production process. Once you share this video on your social media platform or in the maker community, you get an extra $50 coupon for any PCBA order (after sending the link to the Elecrow project manager for confirmation – service at


You can apply for a sponsorship as well.

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Published on Fri 18th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103 (source).

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