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Electronic Control Systems display terminal T-03

A cool retro terminal spotted by TyrantFoxx in a Hugh Jeffreys video.

According to the label on the back this was manufactured in Australia by a company called Electronic Control Systems which was based out of Sydney. Another label on the keyboard says: EPS-71.

Hugh was unable to determine a manufacturing date but he would guess sometime in the 1980s.

A commenter on YT, jaceb, found something about the company:

"Michael Roberts had founded Sydney-based Time Office Computers, originally called Electronic Control Systems, in the 1970s, intending to develop and market small computer terminals."

Warning! I would definitely advise against watching this video if you are eating or going to eat.

Anyway, it's just a 17 minute long video about cleaning off animal feces from all the surfaces:

Published on Sat 4th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


Airbus A380 unfolding keyboard

Video of an otherwise meh Airbus A380 keyboard with a mesmerizing unfolding mechanism. Posted by horticulturistSquash (discussion).

A 112-key macropad

The The ultimate macropad or G(igantic)FO with relgendable keycaps and MX style switches. Spotted by Technofrikus.

NEC phone switchboard

A NEC phone switchboard discovered in an abandoned building by Happyboi225 & co.

1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard

1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard with 30 F-keys. Renovated (lubed mx blacks, dampened, retrobrite) by bubr123.