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Ellipsis Split V2

The Ellipsis Split V2 by Cameron Sun features a near-standard layout but with thumb clusters.
Published March 3, 2023

After his Ellipsis (2018) and Ellipsis Split (2020) Cameron Sun published the second iteration of his split version: Ellipsis Split V2.

This is my third custom build – the previous two were very similar layouts – cameron_sun.

Cameron went for a more minimalist design this time to cut down on costs.

The layout is intentionally almost identical to a standard keyboard.


The toggles on the left half of the keyboard switch between Mac/Windows layouts and enable/disable “space mode” – binding all thumb cluster keys to spacebar. This, according to the designer, is useful for playing games with default keybinds or for strangers who can use the keyboard this way without much confusion.


Published on Fri 3rd Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115 (source).

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