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Enki42: slim ergo keyboard

Enki42 is a slim ergo split keyboard by aroum2 with Choc spacing.
Published October 24, 2021
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Inspired by predecessors and projects like the Corne, KeySeeBee, Crkbd choc magnetic case and Jian, Enki42 is a 42-key low-profile split with magnetic case (7x2 mm magnets).


  • 42 keys (Kailh Choc v1)
  • Per switch RGB
  • Serial / i2c
  • Choc spacing
  • minimum thickness (without case 13 mm, with case 1.1 mm more)
  • RGB LED footprints and switches have minimal clearance (stick well without soldering)
  • Compatible with Corne via controller pins

Enki is the Sumerian god of water. These symbols are painted on the back of the board, the other half says "42" in Sumerian – aroum2.

GitHub repo: pending

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Published on Sun 24th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).


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