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Ergo S-1

The Ergo S-1 by u/Wizarddata is a wireless concave split keyboard with integrated wrist rest and free case files.
Published June 4, 2022

Wizarddata from Wizard Keyboards published a 3D-printed case for the Ergo S-1 Open Source Edition – a wireless handwired split with integrated palm rest.

I've been using one of my prototypes for about 9 months and I'm excited to finally get to share this with everybody – Wizarddata.

Wizard sells an Advantage Bluetooth conversion kit as well, so it's not surprising that the keywell and integrated palm rest make the Ergo S-1 resemble the Kinesis Advantage:



  • The layout is said to be compatible with standard 104-key sets.
  • The case design gives you enough room to wire your switches.
  • Integrated palm rest.
  • Neutral wrist angle with an optional ramps.
  • Detailed assembly guide "makes this a great option for your first build".
  • Uses ZMK firmware.

The layout was designed to be compatible with standard Cherry/OEM 104-key keycap sets. DCS is also compatible, but DSA or SA will not work on all keys due to the keywell shape.

This case is compatible with Cherry MX and Gateron switches. The switches are held in place by the recess in the sides, so alternate designs like Kailh or Outemu will not fit.


There are STL files for the case, a parts list, detailed assembly instructions, and pre-compiled firmware in the GitHub repo:

More photos on

Published on Sat 4th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #81 (source).

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