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The ErgoMorph55 by _vastrox_ is a low profile monoblock keyboard.
Published May 29, 2021
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The ErgoMorph55 is a split-like low profile ergo keyboard. It was designed and built as a commission for Karl Thoennissen, a German book author, who came up with the concept for the case and the layout.

The goal was to create an ergo board with a very low profile and a somewhat similar look to the Sesame keyboard kit that _vastrox_ created earlier.

The board uses Kailh Choc v1 switches and has an acrylic skeleton style case with zero degree typing angle.

More details and pictures of the ErgoMorph55:

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Published on Sat 29th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Sesame by kb-elmo

A Sesame designed by _vastrox_/elmo and built by kmrnewworkplace.

LCK75 open sourced

The LCK75, a 75% through-hole keyboard by TheLysol_27, is now open sourced.

Framework rev. 1 prototype

The Framework rev. 1 prototype is an all-THM ortho with Atmega328P (repo) by 7c8.

Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split Torn build by bromanko (git) features mini tripods for tenting (gallery).

Through-hole ortho with a thumb cluster

BTY-80 - A through-hole ortholinear TKL keyboard with a thumb cluster by ajkldsz.

Axon, a 40% through-hole keyboard

The Axon is an open source 40% through-hole keyboard by Orobin.