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An ErgoDox-ish but asymmetric split keyboard by valpackett: ErgoNICE.
Published January 15, 2023
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ErgoNICE is an open-source 69-key column-staggered split mechanical keyboard by Val Packett. With a rotary knob, extra connectors, a 3D printed case with "floating key" (borderless) design, and Rusty firmware.

I made a custom split mechanical keyboard! Because it's me, this involved things like contributing to a PCB design tool and discovering a ridiculously optimized way to read a keyboard matrix – Val.

Project files were published almost a year ago, but the author just shared a blog post about the design process.

Some highlights: SMDA left half and through-hole right side, DIP package I/O expander, designed in Horizon EDA (rather than KiCad), etc.


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Published on Sun 15th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).



Klesh Wong's PSKeeb2 is a portable split keyboard with tenting, rotary encoder and trackpoint.

Lyra and SuperLyra

The Lyra and SuperLyra, a split and a pseudosplit with numpad in the center, are two open-source designs by Malevolti.

C-13X keyboard

The C-13X is a tiny Alice-like handwired keyboard with an open-source case by u/flurpyflurples.


The Manta is a monoblock split by GeniuzGames.

Phaethon prototype

Phaethon is a through-hole keyboard with a solar panel – designed by u/mrninhvn.

Taro Hayashi's Killer Whale

The Killer Whale, a split keyboard with versatile thumb cluster options by Taro Hayashi, is making its rounds in the Japanese community.