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Ergodonk released

Ergodonk, a handwired split with 3D-printed case, is released by Lithocut.

More info and pictures:


Published on Fri 25th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #32 (source).


Snowflake keyboard

The Snowflake is aa tightly spaced keyboard by kbranch38.


The Wren: System Edition

The Wren by reasonsandreasons is an open source split ergo keyboard.


New version of the Lil Chonky Bois

New version of the Lil Chonky Bois by Sndr666. MX version added.


Lotus58 - a Lily58 derivative

The Lotus58 is an open source Lily58 derivative with hotswap and encoder by Tweetydabirdie.