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Ergogen talk

Author u/mrzealot gave a talk on Ergogen at Free Software Conference.
Published May 19, 2022
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Fellow countryman Dénes Bán aka MrZealot gave a talk introducing his popular Ergogen tool, and the declarative language behind it.

Ergogen has been used by many to generate ergonomic keyboards, starting from the programmatical generation of 2D plates to proto-PCBs. (However, it was also demonstrated that, combined with autorouting in KiCad, the human factor can be excluded completely).

While Ergogen might already be pretty capable regarding raw functionality, it's not exactly famous for its verbose and n00b-friendly documentation and examples. It's also old news. But I gave a very high level, introductory talk about what it is and what it can help people do, which is new news! – MrZealot

Watch the whole video on Youtube or here:

Btw, there have been several projects featured on utilizing Ergogen. Just to name a few and give you an idea what can be achieved with this tool: Sepia, Samoklava, Birdie6, Jonkey, and lately Yggdrasil. And ofc there is Ben Vallack's video demonstration of the workflow here.


As a happy coincidence, Ben Vallack also published an in-depth walkthrough recently:

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Published on Thu 19th May 2022. Featured in KBD #79 (source).


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