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Hyper170's Essence is an angled unibody split populated by a standard ANSI keycap set.
Published February 22, 2023
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Hyper170 aka Hyper-works published a monoblock split keyboard designed with standard ANSI keycap sets in mind. The 64-key Essence features a rotary encoder and is powered by an Elite-C devboard.

1 year and lots of clueless fumbling later, I have designed my own keyboard from scratch! – Hyper170.


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Published on Wed 22nd Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).



Osprey is an low-profile open-source monoblock split by ebastler.

Unnamed monoblock

An unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit.

The btrfld

u/SolidusHal's btrfld is a quite unique foldable, low profile, tenting keyboard.


The Ergo81 by Spicajames with photolog.


Zilpzalp is a 28-key monoblock split by apfel, designed via Ergogen and featuring a XIAO controller.


This handwired monster is tentatively named the Phatty105 (keymap) and is based on a (surprise!) CRKBD. Committed by jamopopper.