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Experiments with 34 keys

An experiment with 34 keys by anzood with photolog.
Published April 30, 2021
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This is how a keyboard should be designed: around your body.

The author has missing one phalanx on his right middle finger, that's why that column is offset differently.


Based on this keymap:

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Published on Fri 30th Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #24 (source).


Ripping the wires out of relics

Krikun98 designs 44-key wireless splits with weird switches collectors would either tear him apart for or would be very intrigued by.


Kapl is a 70-key column-staggered split keyboard open-sourced by keyzog_.


Ursula is a low-profile 5-column split keyboard by u/jamesmnw.

Track Beast

Third iteration of David Kincade's Track Beast – resin edition.


The unibody Ch55p34 by Alex Miller uses the CH552T MCU, and it runs on FAK firmware.

Smol keyboard

Evgenii Vilkov's Smol is a split prototype with a cool sandwich case.