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Explorer Mountain

DreaM117er's Explorer Mountain is a modular monoblock split supporting a wide range of switches.
Published August 21, 2023
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It seems DreaM117er's (aka Ok-March1037) Explorer project has turned into a series: after the RxCT featured earlier, a new unibody model called Explorer Mountain has been announced recently.

This is my new design, but the low-profile version is still being tested. And this beauty supports MX, Choc v1, v2 and Gateron low profile switches – Ok-March1037.

The Explorer Mountain is another versatile modular concept: thanks to the 2x3 PCB blocks and cleverly placed stand-offs, you can set it up both as an ortholinear monoblock split as well as a board with columnar stagger.


It's pretty incredible how far the designer has come if we consider that the Mountain started out as a customized Planck – making some room in the middle, getting rid of hard to reach keys of the bottom row, offsetting the thumb cluster by 3 mm, rotating the outermost thumb key by 25 degrees, etc.



Gerber files already in the repo, open source coming soon:

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Published on Mon 21st Aug 2023. Featured in KBD #202308 (source).


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