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Explorer RxCT

A modular split keyboard with keywell and adjustable thumb keys: Explorer RxCT by Dream117er.
Published April 24, 2023
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Teased a month ago, Ok-March1037 aka DreaM117er shared the design files and a build log of his Explorer RxCT (this cryptic latter part of the name stands for "Row x Column and Thumb keys").

This modular board was inspired by projects like BastardKB's TBK Mini, the 5x6 Dactyl Manuform, atsuyukis DM Skeleton Edition, and also by James Sa's Pragmatic resources.


  • modular, handwired
  • 5x3/6x3/5x4/6x4 split layout with 3-4 thumb keys
  • single-key PCBs
  • Pro Micro controllers
  • Tenting: SmallRig 1598 & 2065
  • Adjustable thumb cluster angle



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Published on Mon 24th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #121.



Joshua Chung's Saturn is a pretty sick monoblock split PCB with chunky hotswap controllers via DB25 parallel connectors.


MUGGI 2 by jungmuk. A handwired split with a single controller, braided cables and photolog.

Samoklava, a generative split

Samoklava is a generative split keyboard design with a noteworthy workflow by sound_monster.


Leifflat's Churri is a handwired split keyboard.

MM60 Ergo

A laser cut split by SKZBadHabit with trackpoint, display and RTC.


Shay's HillSideView is a derivative of the original Hillside – with nice!view and more changes.