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Extreme tenting

Minimalist high-angle tenting by macroxue.

A bridge connecting the two halves turns out to be a good solution for high-angle tenting. The bridge is simply the two tenting racks (introduced on the author's RedBaron split keyboard) joined together, with small adjustments in size.

I've been building DIY keyboards and making tweaks to alleviate my RSI symptoms. Now I'm going for >60 degree tenting, which allows a much more comfortable arm/wrist position. Here is what I came up, a bridge connecting the two halves and physics (not glue) doing its wonder – macroxue.

Project documentation:

While I personally can't really imagine how this could be comfortable in a classic working environment (maybe for your forearm but what about your shoulders?), macroxue put some real effort into keyboard ergonomics because of his RSI. As far as I can remember, all the scientific papers I've seen about forearm pronation investigated much more conservative tenting angles (maybe about or below 10-20°), but if you live with similar conditions and are contemplating an extreme angle like this, now you have a new solution in your inventory.

Published on Sat 13th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #52 (source).


Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split Torn build by bromanko (git) features mini tripods for tenting (gallery).

Tenting solution

A tenting method with all the necessary links by mkarikom.

Custom wrist supporting pads

Custom wrist supporting pads by michalkelemen made of kitchen cutting boards. With gallery and write-up.


DIY tent for a GergoPlex

A tenting solution for a GergoPlex by gatsbythegerbil made of scrap wood, popsicle sticks and mod podge.