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FAW36 is a wireless ortho split by u/gpem, using XIAO BLE controllers.
Published July 31, 2022
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Germain Gadel aka gpem shared the FAW36 – a 36-key wireless ortholinear split keyboard.

A little keyboard I have been working on this past month. It uses Seeed XIAO BLE boards as they are pretty much only 1U in size, so perfect for small keebs – gperm.

The PCB is reversible and it supports both soldered and hotswap MX switches.

You know I like creative names and background stories, and FAW is a good example for that.

The abbreviation stands for Four Are Wanted which is a reference to the four color theorem which states that:

No more than four colors are required to color the regions of any map. So that no two adjacent regions have the same color.

Written on the PCB is the letter of Augustus De Morgan to Sir William Rowan Hamilton in which he explains the findings of his student.



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Published on Sun 31st Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #89 (source).



A 4x10 ortho with a rotary encoder and LCD: freaku4X by u/sporewoh.

The orch

The orch is a mostly ortho, GMK-friendly layout and PCB by oldoverholt with open source design (git & gallery).

Horizon - an open-source ortho

Horizon by skarrmann, this low profile PCB-encased keyboard, comes with all the necessary source files.

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Not a classic keyboard, not a classic cyberdeck: Armachat TOUCH by bobricius.

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Mr_Cupcake33 finished his foldable build.

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