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FGHTR SWTCH is a unique artisan keycap housing by mecxlabs.
Published August 5, 2022
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I don't usually post preorders nor artisans on this blog but this one is something different:

The Fghtr Swtch is a pretty unique artisan keycap by Better said, it's a keycap and upper housing combined.

It's in preorder phase and the offer only includes the top housing, cover, and keycap. (The bottom housing and internals are not included.)

This gadget is only compatible with MX Cherry style switches and South facing PCB boards.

Channel your inner fighter pilot with this unique and fully functioning artisan keycap! The Fghtr keycap is 3d printed with a rigid and high detail filament, then finished with a durable red coating – mecxlabs.

This item replaces the top housing of an existing Cherry MX style switch to add an aesthetic and functional cover inspired by a fighter jet style switch.

It is an artisan cap meaning the focus is mostly on aesthetics. The team has a functional prototype that can be found on their Instagram page – however, it isn't available in all countries.

The prototype shown in the video is version 1 and it was not put up for sale due to a couple of small design flaws:

Version 2 is much more refined, and we should be getting a few prototypes within a week or so. Once we receive those we will post some more updated photos! – mecxlabs.


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Published on Fri 5th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #90 (source).


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