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The Fanta-Manta by Protieusz is a resurrection of the closed source Manta by rainkeebs.
Published August 22, 2023
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Protieusz recreated the now discontinued and closed-source Manta, originally designed and sold by rainkeebs aka GeniuzGames. The Fanta-Manta is a 32-key monoblock split with no thumb keys.

I called it a Fanta-Manta, it was a mini group buy that was randomly requested by members of the MechWild discord, designed by me by resurrecting the closed source Manta by rainkeebs by using his bottom plate dxf found from his discord. This resurrection was blessed by rainkeebs himself – Protieusz.

As a side note, rainkeebs has never used his thumbs for pressing space, so the inner keys, as you'd expect, were meant to be operated by your index finger – that's why there were no thumb keys on the original Manta.

Pic: The original Manta by rainkeebs

The original Manta by rainkeebs

The overall design of the Fanta-Manta was kept as close to the original as possible, with the exception of the MCU which is now a Waveshare RP2040 Zero soldered onto the PCB.

Art logo designed by fellow Mechwild discord member jcastaneda who was also the sponsor for the PCB print.


  • 32 keys (3x5+1)
  • MX switches
  • soldered (not hotswap)
  • SMD diodes
  • Waveshare RP2040 Zero controller


Files are already public and the author is using the Fanta-Manta as his daily.

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Published on Tue 22nd Aug 2023. Featured in KBD #202308.



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