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Fish keyboard

Takuma Onishi created this fancy Fish keyboard as part of the Tokyo Hackathon.
Published May 24, 2023

Originally developed for the Keyboard Input Hackathon 2023, Tokyo, the Fish keyboard by Takuma Onishi is a cool handwired split with pretty unique thumb cluster and of course overall shape.


  • 32 keys (basically a slightly modified 3x5+2 layout)
  • handwired
  • vertical 2-key thumb cluster
  • paraboloid-like surface
  • body and caps modeled together (in Blender)


Unfortunately, the design files are not available, but there's a detailed post about this project written by the designer.

And Daihuku was there to report on the event, covering the Fish keyboard as well (from 1:42:57):

Published on Wed 24th May 2023. Featured in KBD #123 (source).

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