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Fisk keyboard

u/Strange-Lab5541's fisk is an ergonomic 54-key handwired split keyboard with 3D-printed case.
Published February 2, 2022
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Inspired by revered forebears like the Kyria, Architeuthis dux and Lotus58, this 54-key handwired split with an uncommon OLED placement runs QMK on an Elite-C microcontroller.

After having thought about building a split keyboard for some time, I decided to jump in at the deep end and design one myself… – Strange-Lab5541

Specifications: Column stagger, ring finger (5°) and pinky (12°) splay, slightly tented case (2° toward user and 3° outward), support for one rotary encoder and one 128x32 OLED per half, hot-pluggable RJ10 connection between halves and a transport case.

GitHub repo:

3D files coming soon are now in the repo as well.

The keycaps were salvaged from an old Triumph-Adler typewriter – quite thick double shots.

I really like the profile, very immediate position feedback, and the sloped ones are just perfect for the thumb keys.
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Published on Wed 2nd Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #64 (source).


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