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Yan T shared his Flactyl, a pretty unique wireless split with 6-key flat thumb clusters.
Published May 26, 2023
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The Flactyl, a tented wireless split by Yan T aka Past_Consequence_276, features a unique thumb cluster.

Designed to be poked, not pressed, this arrangement of the six thumb keys allows the author to use them in any combinations – thus in theory accessing up to 13 layers instead of just six.

Initially my plan was to build foldable keyboard yet with 60 degree tenting and big thumb cluster so it was something similar to dactyl yet flat when folded. Hence the name Flactyl. Unfortunately, I was not able to design foldable case and I've been struggling with it for very long time. So I decided to ditch that plan and go with the simple case you see now – Past_Consequence.



Full intro:


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Published on Fri 26th May 2023. Featured in KBD #124 (source).



The Avlo44 is a unibody split with exposed diodes designed by u/jrp22.

Elephant42 panda

An update to illness72's original elephant42: palette-system shared elephant42 panda, a new version with an I/O expander.


The Azimuth is my handwired hotswap pseudosplit design with a handful of rotary encoders.

TypeBoy & TypePak

The TypeBoy, designed by FlatFootFox, is a unique low-pro split keyboard requiring a Game Boy cartridge to function.


Maximus is a unibody split with trackpad by Protieusz – inspired by the Ieneko42c.

Protocol Seven

Protocol Seven, a monoblock split by PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME with a numpad in the center comes with source files.