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Flow is a product line of sculpted split keyboards by Jason Allan – with the flow-MX36 being released and the flow-choc40 in development.
Published June 25, 2023
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Jason Allan aka @Drudge/jsallan shared the files of his flow-MX36, the first member of the flow product line. This is an MX-based keyboard, 36 keys with integrated trackball.

Hi folks, I’ve been working on this keyboard pretty much since January of this year, and I’ve finally got it to the point that I can call it done! If you’d like to build one, all files are available here – Jason.

The top design considerations of this keyboard series are:

  • proven comfort from previous split designs of the author, e.g. the MX Dacty-based Minidox and choc Trinidox
  • trackball mandatory for enhanced convenience
  • a finished look, e.g. hidden switches, smooth lines, hidden plate etc.



  • 36 keys
  • integrated 34mm trackball using the PMW3360 sensor
  • ceramic trackball bearings
  • options for both choc v1 switches and MX switches
  • USB-C interlink cable
  • trays for various microcontrollers – Pi Pico and Pro Micro (in dev)


The Github page has a bunch of details, part list with links and guild guides:

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Published on Sun 25th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125.


Ximi V1

Ximi V1 is here after last year's slightly different prototype. Sadek Baroudi put a lot of features in this 36/42 split keyboard.


The VColChoc44 is an Atreus-like low-profile monoblock split by jpconstantineau with on-board RP2040.


A split keyboard with 36-42 keys, RP2040 support, haptic feedback, etc.: KLOR by u/_GEIST_.

Blended Dactyl Manuform

A blended Dactyl Manuform by okinawa-keyboards with source and STL files.


TOTEM is an open-source split keyboard by _GEIST_ sporting SEEED XIAOs.

The Slant

The Slant – a wireless split keyboard shared by darsor.