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Focus FK-5001

Focus FK-5001 with built-in calculator and other curiosities acquired by DrHERO1.
Published July 11, 2021
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According to the Deskthority wiki entry, the Focus FK-5001, introduced in 1990, was the flagship of the Focus keyboards family. It featured a computer-independent built-in desktop calculator and programmable function (PF) keys.


  • Alps SKCM White switches
  • Function keys arranged into groups of three instead of four
  • extra F1–F12 keys along the left
  • Cursor keys for all eight directions with a Turbo button in the middle (to set the key repeat rate)
  • DIP switch underneath the logo
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Published on Sun 11th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).


Custom Contron

The daily driver of mkayultuh is a custom Contron rugged keyboard.

Electronic Control Systems display terminal T-03

A cool retro terminal spotted by TyrantFoxx in a Hugh Jeffreys video.

KME keyboard with trackball

KME keyboard with trackball, spotted by daurnimator (deskthority topic).

Hughes printing telegraph, 1860

The Hughes printing telegraph, the second "keyboard", was a huge improvement compared to its predecessor. Spotted by TheSemiHistorian.

Vintage aviation keyboard

u/Loitering_Potato posted his find and commenters tried to figure out what this is.


The READY! MODEL 100 is a portable computer by ready100computer. (Details here.) In case custom keyboards are too mainstream for you. (Sent by Grillsteak28.)