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Folding tenting feet

A 3D printable folding tenting feet design posted by u/MohnJaddenPowers.
Published March 1, 2022
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It seems the folding tenting feet printed by MohnJaddenPowers have been around for some time and were originally designed by Aaron Rappaport who made these for his Kinesis Edge Freestyle.

I wanted fold-able feet because sometime I like to lay my keyboard flat, take off the wrist rest and act like I have a small keyboard. I don't understand why they didn't build Lil feet into the keyboard in the first place. Seems like they made the lifting kit as an after thought – RappaportDesign.

When closed, the feet are only 5mm tall so they are "barely noticeable". They raise the Kinesis up 11 degrees but they can used for other ergo keyboards as well, e.g. MohnJaddenPowers printed them for his Mistel Barocco/MD770.

I used 3M double sided foam mounting tape that I got from Michael's. It's held the feet in place super firmly through some basic jostle testing – MohnJaddenPowers.

The feet fold flat. If you want to tent at a higher or lower angle, MohnJaddenPowers suggests to open the file in Windows 3D Builder, split it at the pivot part, stretch/shrink the foot on the axis, then rejoin the parts and save as a new STL.

My local library has a printer and it only cost me $2 for a pair of feet. Now I can finally fold this up and put it into a cheap zipper carry case for the commute once we return to the office.

STL files available on Thingiverse.

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Published on Tue 1st Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #68 (source).


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