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Force-curve measuring machine

A DIY keyswitch force-curve measuring machine by romly to be presented at Comiket C99.
Published December 27, 2021
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A dedicated DIY force curve measuring machine designed and 3D printed by Romly.

The rig features a stepper motor, a load cell, OLED display and 7 buttons to operate the device and SD card to store the data.

Here is the full article in Japanese. (I have to say Google Translate is pretty useless this time.)

  • It has a load cell in the moving part.
  • Measures the force during the release phase too.
  • The measurement data is saved in a CSV file onto the SD card.
  • The zero position (measurement start) is determined automatically.
  • Measurement intervals between 0.01-1mm.

Unfortunately, it's not open-source, take it as inspiration.

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Published on Mon 27th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #58 (source).


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