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A 75% hotswap PCB through-hole style that utilises two EC-11 rotary encoders and an Elite-C daughterboard – by flehrad.

Talking in this week's episode of The Board [from 12:11] podcast Don introduced Froggy75, a layout (concept sketch) by Lara Rath and PCB designed by Don Chiou (u/flehrad) himself.

This board is a 75% hotswap through-hole style that utilises an Elite-C daughterboard and two EC-11 rotary encoders – in the position of eyes. The source files are available on Github.

The QMK for this board is currently undeveloped, however the schematic is provided in this repository for firmware development.

Please note that to fit the board layout and unique encoder pins, a duplexed matrix was utilised to conserve sufficient pins for the 24-pin limit on the Elite-C.

This gerber is open source for use, please attribute/acknowledge accordingly if used.

This PCB is UNTESTED and not yet confirmed to work correctly, produce at your own risk.

Published on Mon 12th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).


The orch

The orch is a mostly ortho, GMK-friendly layout and PCB by oldoverholt with open source design (git & gallery).

Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The inkkeys is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX (video, docs, git).

Switch-Backpack board by u/TheHexaCube

Switch-Backpack board by TheHexaCube to make per-key illuminated handwired keyboards easier.


Single-column flexible PCB

Single-column PCB for Dactyl-like keyboards by Fmcraft. Per-key RGB, hotswap, ribbon connectors. Open-source but UNTESTED!

YA36 - with angled columns

The YA36 by se_le_x is a 36-key split keyboard with tight key spacing and angled columns (repo).