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The Game Roy ADVANCE by u/ROYMEETSW0RLD started out as a gamepad and ended up as a split.
Published January 31, 2022

ROYMEETSW0RLD of Keystone Caps presents his latest keyboard design (and first IC/GB): the Game Roy ADVANCE.

This keyboard was originally designed to be a standalone left hand only gaming pad.

I designed this because I am a standard staggered layout user with a very small desk space. Even with a 60% keyboard I still found myself slamming my mouse into the side of my board during intense fire fights FPS games.

After a lot of positive feedback from the community, the project resulted in a full board.


  • Fully hot swappable
  • Supports Pro Micro/Elite-C or equivalent
  • Supports 1 rotary encoder on each half
  • Uses a TRRS cable or Game Boy Color link cable to connect both halves together
  • FR4 bottom plates and top plates
  • Hand soldered kit board
  • Powered by QMK
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    Published on Mon 31st Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #63 (source).

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