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Gateron CJ switch

New Gateron CJ linear switches, featuring the first POM based bottom housings ever released from Gateron. Reviewed by ThereminGoat.
Published October 3, 2021

Even with Gateron only recently expanding into newer, exotic materials with the Gateron Hippo switches, it appears they’re taking it one step further and with new molds in tow.

Check out ThereminGoat's review of the new Gateron CJ switches, featuring the first POM based bottom housings ever released from Gateron.

I’ll be blatantly honest and say that I came in with a general bit of concern about the presence of POM bottom housings in these switches entirely as a function of Novelkeys Cream induced PTSD. However, I was incredibly well surprised with the sheer smoothness and lack of stick-slip related issues in the switches that I was able to test for these reviews. While I know that not everyone who has tried these has had exactly the same issue-free experience with respect to the bottom housings as myself, I actually leave this review more skeptical of the POM housings than before – ThereminGoat.

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Published on Sun 3rd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).

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