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German industrial keyboard

German industrial keyboard found by Jpl3k.

More pics:

German-made industrial psuedo-mech/membrane keeb Jpl3k pulled off some defunct machinery at the junkyard.

I wonder if these nice keycaps are the exact same spotted earlier on the Preh Commander, the keyboard used by German pharmacists.

Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).

Tags: spotting


Ergonomics of the 1880s

This Hammond 12 typewriter raises some questions. Posted by 47x18ict.


IBM 3278

Well, mrprofessor007 was supposed to buy a house, instead...



Take the basic rules of ergonomics and break most of them: Datalux spotted by Banana21y.

Swiss Skidata keyboard

Manufactured by Tipro for Skidata. Posted by The_KogoroMouri.