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The Gherkin++ is u/bgkendall's approach to augment the classic 3x10 layout.
Published March 24, 2022
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Back in September/October of last year the only fully working keyboard bgkendall had available was his wireless Gherkin.

However, thirty keys was a bit limiting for daily use so he added another row using Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs and a chopped up Gherkin plate connected to an expansion port added to the build earlier.

Under the hood:


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Published on Thu 24th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #71 (source).

Tags: ortho


Lumberjack: a 60% ortho

Lumberjack is an open source 60% ortho PCB by peejeh.

Black Ice ortho

Custom designed angled ortho by ashinything with 3D printed hot swap sockets.


The mekko5X is an ortholinear cyberdeck by sporewoh.

Framework rev. 1 prototype

The Framework rev. 1 prototype is an all-THM ortho with Atmega328P (repo) by 7c8.


Sporewoh's babbit36 is an ultraportable wireless ortholinear keyboard.


The SatPad (formerly: Cupcake) is an open-source 30% ortholinear keyboard/macropad designed by u/quirk.