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Giga40 with cartridge

Giga40 progress. Cartridge implemented by mujimanic.
Published July 9, 2021
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GIGA40 is a mechanical keyboard system where a "brainless" physical key interface console is powered by a microcontroller located on a cartridge. For the keyboard to function, both a cartridge and a console must be connected.

This project was already featured in KBD #9 – with renders. After a long silence, it works now!

An AT90USB microprocessor on the cart now expands the keyboard to 126 unique inputs.

The Giga idea was born from breaking an assumption of "one keyboard, one microcontroller". I would argue this is more than just a "vanity" concept for those who know how and wish to expand on the idea. Of course I'm no mega corporation, so it's not my intention to corner the market on this form factor. My hope is to open source the general schematic for people to use as a launching point – mujimanic.
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Published on Fri 9th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).


GIGA40: with cartridge system

The GIGA40 is a strange concept of mujimanic with features like replaceable cartridge and serial connector (more pics).