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Gneiss01 keyboard

Gneiss01 is an interesting keyboard project by LeverMind2112 – involving clay, 3D scanning and printing.
Published November 8, 2022

A quite original concept by Adam LeBlanc aka LeverMind2112.

I wanted a custom fit board so I stuck some caps in clay, 3d scanned it, and 3d printed it – LeverMind2112.

You can read about the process in the author's blog post:

UPDATE (2022-12-22)

One-handed typing test:

Published on Tue 8th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #102 (source).

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Pteron36 keyboard

Pteron36 - a separate split keyboard designed by smart345bond for Miryoku layout users (git).

Roost keyboard

Tweaking the Sweep v2.1, forrestbaer came up with the wireless Roost keyboard.

Super slim, handwired, wireless

Super slim, handwired, wireless by Alescito.

Custom handwired split

A custom handwired keyboard by llpamies with build gallery.

Bridged Lagrange

A new update to the design of the Lagrange keyboard by dpapavas.

Custom Kyria

A Kyria built by _GEIST_ with trackpoint, haptic feedback and custom plates.