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Google's mechanical keyboard cup

An open-source mechanical keyboard cup by Google.

Published on October 4, 2021 by

I don't usually feature meme boards but the Gboard Yunomi version by Google is slightly different than e.g a banana macropad.

Beside being fully open-source (git repo), it is a homage to the Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony in Japan's Momoyama period (1587). (I can't help but think about what happened in my country while in Kyoto people participated in the Woodstock of tea sipping. What about you and your country?)

And there's a nice 3D emulator on the official site. Try it after clicking the blue button in the upper right corner.

The default layout helps the input of some hard-to-type fish kanji but you can change the layer with the kana button (left of backspace) to access the hiragana set.

If you dare to test your skills of typing the fish names, there's a built-in game as well. Good luck! :|

(Slightly related: the toilet paper roll chorded keyboard.)

Published on Mon 4th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).


Mint chocolate artisan keyboard

I'm used to artisans, but these mint & strawberry chocolate themed Lime40s are the first artisan keyboards I've ever seen (designed by eukalin_, posted by hiddenbox4).

Keyboards recessed into the desktop

The question of keyboards recessed into the desktop raised by LipsLikeCrispyBacon, and some immediate warnings.


The Manta is a monoblock split by GeniuzGames.

Cable coil holder

Diderot effect in action: cable coil holder (wtf?!) spotted in a post by Crushader.