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Grandiceps with black pill

The Grandiceps is a black pill based split by vattern78 (git).
Published February 22, 2021

Published on Mon 22nd Feb 2021. Featured in KBD #14 (source).

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Unibody crkbd case

An unibody crkbd case with low-poly aspect by Coumbaya (STLs).

Lyra and SuperLyra

The Lyra and SuperLyra, a split and a pseudosplit with numpad in the center, are two open-source designs by Malevolti.


IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather.


Sol 3 with capacitive touchbars

Sol 3 with two capacitive touchbars, and plenty of RGB by RGBKB.



The 3w6 by weteor is a low-profile split keyboard with 36 keys.