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Another 3-row project by weteor: Grumpy is a cute 28-key angled unibody keyboard with column stagger.
Published August 29, 2023
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Just like the cos(y) Kong yesterday (and boards like the Kong, Chonky Kong, etc.), this cute little monoblock was designed by weteor who apparently can't quit this hobby for too long and keeps exploring <30 key / 3-row layouts.

The Grumpy is a 'variation' on the hummingbird layout, and by the way the designer's current daily driver.

Nothing much to say on that one, except for being really comfortable (for me at least 😄 ) – weteor.

The board uses a Seeed XIAO controller (BLE, RP2040 or SAMD21 should work), and the case in the photo above is MJF printed black Nylon.


  • 28 keys
  • hotswap sockets (MX)
  • Seeed XIAO controller (RP2040 [QMK, Vial], BLE [ZMK] or SAMD21).
  • case files are supplied

The author uses a Hands Down variant optimized for 28 keys by jcmkk3, called bird.


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Published on Tue 29th Aug 2023. Featured in KBD #202308.


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