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Hand-wired wireless 30%

A pretty unconventional handwired wireless noname 30% perpetrated by u/frozeninfate.
Published June 27, 2022

You couldn't really tell this noname 30% split is a close descendant of the Corne keyboard.

Getting rid of the thumb cluster is one thing, but designer frozeninfate aka accelbread put space on a layer.

I've been daily driving this layout for over a year on my previous board, a corne without switches in the outer col and thumb cluster. Preferred 5 col, and thumb clusters were uncomfortable for me due to typing with side of thumb.

So frozeninfate put that board on a box for the extreme tenting angle and adjusted the Corne's conservative pinky/middle finger stagger too.

The keyboard is made of laser cut acrylic and delrin. The plate is delrin, the walls are matte acrylic, and there's an acrylic plate on top of the switch-plate that the switches are recessed into.

Weighted with 4 x 1" tungsten cubes to prevent instability and tipping over.

With regards to the logical layout:

I know some of it may seem heretical, like space on layer, but it actually works pretty well. Before I had settled on this keymap, I had done lots of tweaking, and at one point I put space/enter on layer temporarily and found it worked well for me so ended up putting all the usual thumb functionality on home row on a layer.

Published on Mon 27th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #84 (source).

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